In January 2020 qatctech made a leap into the future by conceiving of the next possible opportunity that made way too much sense to be left undone. We created a new service offering called Iris Camel that was aimed to act as a palliative measure for institutions that offer products and services to government employees under stop order settlement basis. This was after realizing a market opportunity had offered itself when the only provider of SSB Salary Deduction Instruction services in the whole country went dark for several months after experiencing technical issues that caused their system to malfunction, leaving their clients stranded with nowhere to go. Iris Camel provides a platform that not only will be a strong backup system for these clients, but promises to these clients something that has been a major feature of all products and services offered by qatctech, which is simple intuitive, secure and robust system that enables them to do exactly what they want to accomplish without any background noise.

Core Values

To facilitate easy and convenient access & payment of financial and non-financial products in Zimbabwe