Iris CAMEL is QATCTECH’s automated SaaS platform that enables easy, efficient, and hassle-free submission of deductions to the Public Service Commission’s Salary Services Bureau (SSB), and Pension Services Bureau (PSB). Iris CAMEL was originally developed as a pipe to SSB for deductions coming out of Iris LAPP loan management system, but now is open to every big or small company from any industry vertical as long as they process deductions through SSB or PSB. This includes insurance companies, banks, and other companies that sell products to civil servants or government retirees


Iris CAMEL is available in 3 forms:


  • Stand-alone system with a basic and simple-to-use user interface for submitting formatted deductions, downloading provisional and final payment schedules, and extracting key management reports.
  • Direct connection from QATCTECH’s Iris LAPP loan management system. Deductions are submitted straight to SSB via Iris CAMEL and result schedules are received back to Iris LAPP in an automated fashion.
  • RestFul API for connecting Iris CAMEL to any system.


Key Benefits of Iris CAMEL


  • Cloud-based system with web interface thus huge savings on infrastructure and installation costs.
  • Very favorable subscription pricing model that suits every company’s budget.
  • Every key process is automated to reduce points of failure common in manual decision-making processing.
  • Iris LAPP users do not need to manually move data to third-party systems when processing deductions.
  • Deletion of the existing deduction instructions is just a button press away.
  • Tight security with multiple checkpoints supported by multi-factor authentication, multi-faceted firewalls, and encryption of data in transit and at rest.
  • Agile and dedicated team behind it to evolve the system stably and innovatively.
  • Deduction instructions are submitted online from your office.
  • Guaranteed and reliable platform uptime.
  • Very user-friendly and intuitive.
  • Free training and support.


Watch the video summary about Iris CAMEL



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