Iris LAPP is our flagship service for automating the loan application process for microfinance and other finance companies that seek to use digital loan application forms and a rules based workflow engine to help with decision making during the loan application process. The platform allows for use of standard loan forms created by qatctech. You can also create new forms all together to capture the different rules you might have for determining credit worthiness and for capturing key data points required to not only help in decision making but also to memorialize those key data points to suit and meet the stakeholder and regulatory requirements. Our platform enables all kinds of automated decision making including determination of final data repositories for the data generated from the loan application process. Using the Iris LAPP platform data can be sent to your favourite database or to any API that can receive data on behalf of your internal systems. We like to call the Iris LAPP platform the pipeline to invoke imagery of large amounts of data moving at speed through the LAPP pipeline to their final destinations or end points. Different pieces of those data can be sent to different final systems depending on your needs.

At the core of our Iris LAPP platform are two key pieces of technology (1) mobile forms for processing custom applications on a mobile device; and (2) an Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) for transporting that data to different end points including databases, cloud file systems or internal systems fronted by API’s capable of receiving data using RESTful web service message formats such as JSON and XML. The digital forms that run on any modem smart phone or mobile device such as Samsung tablets and iPads make it very convenient for self service by customers that walk into your banking halls or customer service areas. We can create any forms and mimic any multi stage process flow with these systems using their inert ability to build custom rules employing skip logic and controlled by visual rules builders and enhanced by programmatic rules using JavaScript language on the front end, and an even more impressive and robust rules engine on the back end running in the ESB to decide how data gets distributed to your data repositories of choice.


Key Benefits of Iris LAPP


  • Fully digitized loan application process. No paper needed unless requested for purpose.
  • Rapid loan workflow automation
  • Use standard forms or get expert help from qatctech to create custom forms to follow your own workflow or a better version of it enabled by the platform’s rules engine.
  • Rules based workflow with skip logic. Can be simply defined or enhanced with JavaScript programming to define field and form level rules.
  • Multi stage workflow with circularity to enable multiple decision making or approval points for the loan application.
  • Forms so easy customers can self-service hence streamlining your operations and making them more efficient.
  • Different data types collected including images, NFC data, video, audio and GPS that can become handy in inevitable legal disputes.
  • Back end ESB makes it a breeze to transport data to any kind of destination as desired. One loan form approval can result in emails being generated, data being posted to cloud spreadsheets, loan data and customer record being posted to the company database of record, and SSB Deduction Instruction being sent to SSB on the fly, all with a push of the button.
  • AI driven WhatsApp BOT to enable even more intuitive customer self-service and distributed loan applications for returning clients using the most common communications platform the world has ever seen.


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Iris LAPP is a transaction processing system that allows qatctech to grow with your business. We charge very minimal fees for each transaction that passes through the platform. We do not charge for data storage as this platform is a mainly an intelligent conduit for data moving from the mobile devices used at the office counter all the way to any data repository of your choice.

In rare circumstances where a company does not have their own data repository, a pricing model can be worked out for qatctech to store your data in the cloud and provide you access specialized.

Please reach out to our highly professional associates to get more information on how we can help automate your systems at very low transaction costs.