Technology Consulting and Systems Integration Services

QATCTECH has an army of highly skilled technology consultants who are happy to offer their esteemed services to companies that need advice on making the right choices in the implementation of technology projects. We have done many successful system integration projects both internally and externally for other companies using top-notch integration Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) platforms like Zapier, Mirth Connect, and others. We have also written custom integrations using the Java RESTful web services. Many of our internal systems are connected using a combination of standard ESB’s like Zapier or custom-written services. We are happy, ready, and able to provide these services to your organization if you have system integration needs.

We also have extensive experience in business process automation and refinement. Our tools help with process automation but the main reason we excel at process automation is that we believe that every process can be improved if only you take the time to look at it closely and positively critique its current flow. We believe in taking the world-class best practice for any process and making it better because we can. That belief combined with our top-notch tools helps us come up with better processes in every situation.


Pricing for systems integration projects is available on request and will depend on the nature of the project. Please contact us for pricing and project discussions.