Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

Qatctech’s Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) has been launched to improve market reach by the Iris LAPP loan management system subscribers. The USSD platform is integrated with the Iris LAPP platform such that data can be posted and accessed to and from Iris LAPP through the USSD service. This interesting feature allows borrowers to make loan applications and perform other related functions from any mobile phone type, be it a smartphone or a feature phone, making it possible for Iris LAPP subscribers to increase their market reach across the nation even in areas with poor internet connections. The USSD service has also been implemented as a tool for aiding financial inclusion after realizing that the online loan application methods excluded those with feature phones from accessing loan products from the comfort of their homes or workplaces.
USSD is a real-time interaction, reliable, secure, and fast service that allows the loan management service to display text on a user’s handset regardless of whether it’s a smartphone or a feature phone popularly known in Zimbabwe as “Chimbudzi”.

On-boarding Process and Key Features

To be part of this amazing service, interested Iris LAPP subscribers will be assigned a unique subcode accessed by dialing the Qatctech main USSD code. Through the assigned USSD code and a unique subcode, the Iris LAPP subscribers will be able to make their borrowers access a number of functions listed below:

*First-time USSD user registration process
*Loan Application
*Check loan balance
*Make a loan payment

Borrowers will have access to the USSD loan application by simply dialing the respective USSD code of the lender/service provider from their mobile phones. First-time users will be taken through the registration process where they will be creating their PIN. On second and subsequent logins, they will be allowed a maximum of 3 login attempts before the user is blocked from accessing the platform if the PIN being tried is incorrect. After they successfully log in, the users will be guided by our very informative menus by just following the sessions on each function being performed.
Loan amounts, rates, loan limits, and loan types available on the USSD service are completely configurable to match the service providers’ / financial institutions’ desired rates, among other parameters. Our platform allows borrowers to check their loan balances independently at any given time without needing to visit or contact the financial institution/service provider. In the same way, the platform also allows these borrowers to settle their outstanding balances via Online EcoCash EIP and this automated process will automatically adjust the outstanding balances with the amount paid and the payer will be notified of the same through an SMS.

Support Procedure

For the Borrowers
A borrower can utilize a “Help” option to get any form of assistance, including “Forgot PIN Reset” from their respective service providers/financial institutions. The borrowers will be able to reach out to service providers through the provided contact details under the “help” option to receive the support they require.

For the Iris LAPP/USSD Subscribers
Qatctech team is readily available to provide support to the customer care teams of the USSD subscribers via our support lines +263787935484/+263787935481.
Key benefits of using the USSD service:
The USSD code provides quick and easy access to loans without a client relying on internet connectivity.
Borrowers can apply for loans directly from any mobile phone from anywhere.
USSD code also allows subscribers to increase their sense of ubiquity as they will be able to reach other customers even in remote areas where other channels may not be available
Loan amounts and interest rates are configurable and vary depending on the lender.
Enhanced customer satisfaction when you give them the ability to serve themselves.
Intuitive menus with real-time interactivity.
For added convenience, the USSD service is directly linked to the Iris LAPP loan management service for additional smoother loan experiences.
Customer care teams are readily available to assist and support borrowers.
Ability to make EcoCash payments remotely with the ability to automatically close the loan when the balances are paid in full and partial payments will be adjusting the balances accordingly
The system has complimentary notifications in the form of pop-up messages and SMS messages.
Transparency – Borrowers can easily check their loan balance.
The service can be accessed from any phone type without a need to buy internet data bundle
It also provides security by allowing users to perform transactions anytime, without sharing their personal details.
Free training and support.

USSD loans transformed the lending landscape by providing quick and accessible financial solutions to all mobile phone users across the nation with the ease of applying through USSD codes, borrowers can now access funds faster and more conveniently.